Unlock Savings with Fannie Mae Green Rewards

Fannie Mae Green Rewards is a multifamily green loan program.  This popular mortgage gives incentives to multifamily borrowers who make apartment buildings and cooperatives more energy efficient.  Investors using Fannie Mae’s Green Loan financing platform qualify for lower interest rates and higher proceeds.

Fannie Mae Green Rewards
  • Preferred Pricing and Rates
  • Up to 5% More In Proceeds
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Min. Loan Amount $750,000
  • Non Recourse Available
  • Portion of proceeds must finance energy-saving upgrades
  • Energy and water use must be reduced by at least 30%
  • Improvements must be completed within 12 months
  • The cost of the Energy Audit is reimbursed by Fannie Mae
  • Fixed and Adjustable Rate Options

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Lower Operating Costs and Increase Cash Flow

One noteworthy aspect of the program is the potential for owners to achieve operational cost savings through reduced utility expenses.

By investing in energy-efficient technologies and sustainable practices, property owners not only contribute to environmental conservation but also position themselves to benefit from long-term operational efficiencies.

Commercial Mortgage Rates for Multifamily Loans

Green Preservation Plus

Green Preservation Plus is a Fannie Mae Green Loan designed specifically for Affordable Multifamily properties.

Green Building Certification

This program is designed for properties that already have a Green Building Certification recognized by Fannie Mae.
Value Add Renovation

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

Property Condition Assessment, or “PCA”, is required by Fannie Mae on all Green Financing Loans. The PCA is a comprehensive evaluation of the multi-family property the Green Rewards loan is intended for. In addition to detailing the physical condition of the property, it also indicates any anticipated capital expenditures that may be required over a specific time frame. The Property Condition Assessment is completed by a Third-Party Consultant that is approved and designated by Fannie Mae. Our professionals will help coordinate this important phase of the loan process.

Fannie Mae Green Rewards for Multifamily Apartments

High-Performance Building Report (HPB)

High Performance Building Assessment Report, or “HPB”, is an energy and water audit that is part of the Property Condition Assessment for every Green Rewards loan. The HPB report will detail all energy and water efficiency measures, and quantify how these improvements will improve operating performance and the overall quality of the property. This report makes it easier for the borrower, consultant, and lender to gather, analyze, and report on energy and water usage in savings. The cost of the High-Performance Building Report is paid by Fannie Mae.

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Fannie Mae began its green financing journey in 2010 with the Multifamily Green Initiative. This initiative aimed to encourage energy and water efficiency in multifamily buildings. The program’s success led to the launch of their Green Financing Business in 2012, marked by the issuance of the first-ever Fannie Mae Green Bond.

By offering incentives for property owners to make sustainable improvements, Fannie Mae facilitates access to capital while promoting environmental responsibility. Their efforts have yielded significant results. As of 2023, Fannie Mae has issued over $117 billion in Green Bonds, financing over 550,000 multifamily units and creating an estimated $14.6 billion in economic output.